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In 2005 my wife Nancy and I (Ohioans), decided to look for some land for retirement that would be closer to our two older children in Atlanta. We already owned a lake house on Norris Lake just north of Knoxville, so we knew we loved Tennessee. We owned the lake house with some lifelong friends, however, so we couldn’t retire there.

I got on Google and entered “land in Tennessee”. What do you think came up? Everything on the www.landintennessee.com website was just what we had in mind. We were planning a trip to Atlanta to see our children so we arranged with the Land in Tennessee office to tour the properties on our way south. After 4hrs of touring we decided we wanted the very first lot we saw on Lake George. Three days later we had taken the plunge and to this day still don’t know why we acted so quickly and without reservation.

We retired in 2008 and did spend two years at the lake house fixing it up and getting it sold. We started construction on our lot in Dec of 2010 and moved in at the end of June 2011. We have had only two problems since we moved here. Too many friends with too much good food and both our children moved away from Atlanta. Well, you can’t follow your children around the country and who would want to leave paradise anyway.

Larry & Nancy Sears moved from Ohio

My husband and I first found this paradise, by accident, while on vacation 8 1/2 years ago.  We were living at the time in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Still years from retirement, we had no intention of owning a second home.  However, that intention changed the moment I stepped foot on this mountain.  Suddenly, I realized, exactly, where I was always meant to be. Nothing in my life had ever felt so right, so quickly.  Fast forward 8 years later....One would think, after living in the same place for so many years, you would become complacent.  That couldn't be farther from the truth.  Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for allowing me to live in such an amazing place.  He truly did some of His finest work here on the mountain.  There is a peacefulness that I have never seen anywhere else.  I am truly blessed.

Tim & Nancy Irvin moved from Mississippi

We spent several months looking for the ideal spot for our vacation and future retirement home. Many years ago I worked for a company headquartered in Chattanooga which meant several trips a year to the area. The area is rich in history, nature, and just plain nice people. So we began our search in the Chattanooga area.

We branched out our search to cover most of middle and Eastern TN just to make sure we hadn’t missed something. We avoided North Carolina and Georgia due to state income taxes. Finally after our last concentrated search near Nashville we returned to where we started looking, Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort.

The resort was quiet and full of wild life. Home sites were secluded without being isolated. Trails were maintained without being over developed. (Thank you for your careful land management that makes the area like no other.) There are seasons without the dead of winter and extreme heat of summer. Like Goldilocks, it was just right.

There are activities available a few minutes away like fishing, boating, hiking, and nature observation. A little further out more boating, canoeing, hang gliding, historical battlefields, the Chattanooga Aquarium and the Chattanooga Children’s Museum. Atlanta or Nashville is just a day trip if you are so inclined. All together it just seemed like the perfect place for us and for our family to come for a visit and retreat.

Presently we come to the resort where we finished our new home about a year ago every chance we get. Our family likes it so much they come even when we aren't there. We are looking forward to becoming a permanent part of the community.

Michael & Bonnie Lane moved from Florida

“Eight years ago we began the search for a special piece of property where we could build our dream home and enjoy it even before we actually retired.  Like many others, we used the internet as our search tool and quickly found that many properties simply didn’t have the picturesque location we were looking for, the great weather we enjoy here, or the size to ensure our dream would not turn into a nightmare with uncontrolled or unsightly development down the road.  We were fortunate to find Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort, a place that met all of these requirements and more – beautiful property with mature hardwoods, fantastic views, amazing trails where we can ride our horses and friendly people who also enjoy all the resort has to offer.  We moved in last October and have really enjoyed living in our new home through the fall, winter and spring seasons and look forward to many happy years in Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort.”

Terry & Nancy Jennings moved from Atlanta, Georgia

Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort has been our home for four years. If there is one word to capture our experience living here it is “Serene”. There is just a serenity living here among nature that cannot be explained, only experienced. While there is a strong sense of community there is also plenty of space for individualism. We hope we never lose the sense of excitement that comes with watching a doe with her newly born fawn cross our yard in early summer or a majestic buck feeding in fall, not to mention the variety of other wildlife that routinely visit us throughout the year. The change of seasons we have on the mountain is a constant pleasure. I can never find the words to adequately describe the blossoming of Spring, the intense green of Summer, the spectacular colors of Autumn (just visit in late October and you will never want to leave) and the stark beauty of winter. While our name is Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort, for those of us living here it is home, and a great place to call home.

Frank & Joann Kahoun moved from Florida