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Following are real testimonials from some of the 330 owners from 36 different states!

Back in 2007, my sister-in-law was surfing the web for property in TN and came across the www.LandInTennessee.com web site. They soon visited FMNR and were so excited they bought a lot in Stone Creek Phase 5 and told us all about this wonderful place in TN. We were a little skeptical, since it's difficult to tell much about a plat map, but went ahead and made arrangements to visit the Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Dunlap areas.

The properties we saw in the outskirts of Knoxville and Chattanooga could not compare to what we found in the little town of Dunlap, TN, on top of Fredonia Mountain. They were much more expensive and in less than desirable areas. If we had not visited these other areas first, we could not have appreciated the value we found in FMNR.

We were welcomed and shown around the FMNR property and were impressed by the beauty of the natural area, the future plans for the development, the gated community, and the people themselves. We purchased a Lot 513 in Stone Creek Phase 5 on that first trip in 2007.

Since then, we've visited Dunlap several times, attended a homeowners association meeting, and the second annual Memorial Day BBQ. All our encounters with our future neighbors and have proven the people there to be very friendly and like-minded about preserving and living in a beautiful neighborhood with a sense of community. The local residents of Dunlap are very friendly, and there are a few great local restaurants.

In nearby Hixson, there are major chains stores and restaurants. Just a few miles further will bring you into Chattanooga and the Hamilton Place Mall, which is one of the biggest in TN.

We plan to build our FMNR home sometime in 2013.

Dave & Joy Squires Melbourne, Florida

As we drove through the entrance to the resort for the first time we both looked at other and spoke the same words - This Is The Place for the next phase in our lives together.    After reaching our mid-thirties we had decided that we had enough of the cold and harsh Chicago winters and we were ready to look South for a better climate and beautiful scenery.  We had discussed Texas, Florida, Arkansas and had even visited some of those places until one day a co-worker of my wife told her of a place called Tennessee!  After finding this place via Google - and within a month of our first visit and after a very pleasant tour experience and upon meeting some incredible people (whom later became close friends) we had inked the deal and bought our six acres of mountain paradise.  The original plan was to come in ten years and start our new life - but POW - two years later our home was built, we left our previous careers and came to live and enjoy our new mountain home.  It was a decision we will never regret and we have since started new and exciting careers and have met so many wonderful people who have now become our closest and dearest friends.  Each and every day we are thankful for finding this place and we are proud to call this place home.  Sometimes taking a leap into a great adventure can be the one thing you are most grateful for in a lifetime.

Tom & Renee Vennero moved from Chicago, Illinois

Our Unique Community
Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort

High atop the Cumberland Plateau, overlooking the Sequatchie Valley, is a place we all call Home. Our community is nestled among a variety of different species of trees. Most of these trees have been here for many decades and some even estimated to be over a hundred years old. Yet, it is the wildlife that has most of us talking. Conversations seem to center around who saw the biggest buck, or how many doe were standing in your front yard. We love sharing our unique photos with each other when we’re lucky enough to be able to capture them. For folks who love nature, it’s not unusual that we all have a special fondness for our furry friends, the deer.

It doesn’t end there either. We have some of the most unique trails that allot of us love to walk, hike and take our utility vehicles through. Our many trails take us through areas of our community that are breathtaking. When Mother Nature gives us rain, the many waterfalls throughout these trails make it magical. For this reason, we tend to hurry through the trails after a good rain, to enjoy the majestic feeling. This is a place that we’re lucky enough to call home. It’s interesting, that most of us are from somewhere else, yet we all found this one of a kind place that captured our hearts with a desire to enjoy every day.

We are also fortunate enough to have our own lodge, surrounded by a beautiful lake where we meet with our neighbors for our monthly community potlucks. It is here that we were inspired to create our own cookbook of recipes from so many talented cooks. Thank You all for sharing your wonderful recipes. We hope that you will enjoy this cook book for many years to come and will pass it on to other Friends, Family, Children & even Grandchildren.

Mike & Mo Fuller moved from Hawaii

Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort…….the Culmination of Our Quest
(by Scott and Carol Emery)

My wife (Carol) is an engineer.  I (Scott) am an ecologist.  We both love the natural world.  About 8 years ago, we began to search for a mountain place where we could be close to state/national parks for trips to explore deep forests, follow mountain streams, climb cliffs, and watch sunsets.  We explored places from Wyoming eastward.  We eventually decided to limit our search to the eastern mountains (as the trips from our home in Florida to the Rocky Mountains were simply too complex and too long).

At some point in our search, we googled "land in Tennessee".  Up popped this site.....it said all the right things....it indicated there were deep forests, mountain streams, waterfalls, cliffs, lakes, and magnificent views of sunsets...all self-contained within this 3,000 plus acre planned nature development.  It sounded too good to be true.....but a call to the number on the website convinced us it was worth a visit.

Scott drove from Tampa, arrived at Fredonia Mountain around 4pm.....he and the land agent stayed on the mountain until dark, at times literally hacking their way with machetes (Scott is an ecologist who always has several in his field vehicle) to get better glimpses of views and cliffs.  Scott was intrigued!  He drove back to Tampa the next day, and convinced Carol that this place was worth a longer look.

Two weeks later we both made the trip....we spent 2 long days exploring the planned nature development.....we hiked some of the trails, we explored multiple pieces of property.  We were now both convinced that this was what we had been looking for!  Now, the only problem was, which of the beautiful pieces of land to select.....did we want an incredible view.....or maybe a mountain stream site.....or maybe a deeply forested, secluded location, or perhaps a lake property?  The wonderful part of it all for us was that no matter which type of piece of land we selected, we had easy trail access to all of the other places.  Because, in the wisdom of the layout of Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort, everyone who owns here has easy access to magnificent views, stunning waterfalls, beautiful mountain streams, lakes, and deep forests through the network of trails.

We eventually selected a 7 acre parcel on (imagine this), Sunset Ridge.  Over the past 7 years we have made many visits to our mountain land.....we have even bought a second piece of land within the nature resort.  We have made many friends of excellent character on Fredonia Mountain and in nearby Dunlap.  On average, we make about 6 to 8 trips to Fredonia Mountain each year......we will soon be retiring and will spend most of each year "on the mountain."

We looked many places.......but we never found anything to compare with Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort.  Location-wise, it is within a one day drive of much of anyplace east of the Mississippi....from New York, from Chicago, from St. Louis, from Florida.  For hiking, it is like having your own, private National Park (only without the signs saying "Stay on the Trail").  There are trails for those who love to ride horses, and many properties suitable for maintaining horses.  The waterfalls are just plain wonderful!  The views of the different valleys are breathtaking.  We love the deep hemlock forests along the stream banks! And you can walk to all of it....no need to get in the car if you don't want to!  The night-time security and gates provide some security for those who prefer them.


We have grown to love Dunlap.....we do as much of our business there as possible, as we want to see the town thrive.  Those of us who own on the mountain share an appreciation for, and love of clean air, deer and wild turkeys in the front yard, and dark night-time skies absolutely filled with stars.

If you want street lights, traffic noise, and high rise condominiums, chances are Fredonia Mountain is not for you.  If, however, you share with us a love of nature (sometimes spectacular, other times more subtle, but always beautiful), if you want your own private piece of paradise, then it is our humble opinion that you will look for a very, very long time before you will ever find a place that compares favorably to Fredonia Mountain.

Scott & Carol Emery (Sunset Ridge and Two Lake Trail)
 moved from Florida

We originally bought land in a nearby development with the intention of building there.  Then our log home provider brought us over to Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort to show us one of their log homes and we immediately fell in love with the development.  We were impressed with how beautiful and well maintained the community was.  We returned shortly thereafter to view the lots, picked one right away and put our other lot in the nearby development up for sale.  We could not be happier since we have moved.  The unique natural feel coupled with the nearby town of Dunlap and city of Chattanooga make FMNR a great location.  The community has drawn a like-minded group of neighbors that has truly made us feel at home.

Donald & Sylvia Rifkin moved from Florida