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I first saw FMNR in a website called Great Retirement Communities. I was looking for a large tract of land to bring multiple families together and start my own community of like minded people, all with different skill sets willing to live out there lives in a helpful, friendly, and personal “community”. With this “community” we could grow our own food, and perhaps create a small ranch to have milk, cows, chicken, and eggs.  We searched throughout North Carolina and Georgia and although we found areas that we could make work, I felt there was something missing. When we e-mailed Mark and Tim through www.landintennessee.com they invited us to take a firsthand look at what they had to offer. It took us only a day to see the vision and planning that went in to making Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort and fell in love with the feel of the community. Here was everything we were looking for, including a small community garden, without me having to put a community together myself. The warmth of the people living here was overwhelming, and the incredible feel of care and comfort we felt with Tim and Mark was a true selling point.  We are most happy to join the community that has been established and enjoy the freedom of nature and fellowship of neighbors.

Kevin & Carol Conrad Florida

Early in 2005 I was living in California and I made the decision to look for property within an 8 hour drive of where my son and his family live. I knew which states I did not want to live in so that left Kentucky, Tennessee and western North Carolina for my search. I took a three week vacation from work and drove over 1500 miles looking at property. I had a list of “must have”, “would like to have”, and “won’t even consider”. After looking at property every day for almost two weeks, I was no closer to finding my dream…. until I came to Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort. I was awed by the beauty of the area, the wonderful trails here, and the perfect lot, like it was made for me – I found exactly what I wanted. This place had all of my “must haves and “would like to haves” with not one negative. I knew I had found my home at last.

I have miles of trails and roadside to ride my horse, I love where I live, and I have wonderful neighbors. I love sitting outside at night when the moon is full and the leaves on the trees have a silvery glow -- the woods turns magical. I love watching a doe amble down the road with her twin fawns. I love the quiet and the peace here, and the beauty of every season. For me, it’s like a bit of heaven on earth.

Kathy Ryan moved from California

There was something special about this place the very first time we visited. We did look at several other places both before and after our first trip here. Truth be told, we put a down payment on a piece of property here and then went over to Townsend TN and put down money on property there. In the end, we canceled on both places, but several months later we were drawn back here. The original property we had looked at here had been sold but we found our perfect lot when looking again with Mark. We love the peace and quiet we have found here and the amazing scenery. The hiking trails are a huge bonus and we just love exploring the mountain. The other thing we really liked is how friendly all the people living up here are. We enjoy going to the pot lucks and meeting such wonderful and interesting people. I will never regret our move here. We spend lots of time out on our front porch and if you drive by and see us, stop in and say "howdy."

Dennis & Jan Pilch moved from Illinois

Having vacationed in Tennessee as a child, I had fond memories of Tennessee and of the beautiful mountains and streams so after searching the internet, I found “LandinTennessee.com”.  We bought property in 2005 and planned to build and retire in a few years but being from New Orleans, along came Hurricane Katrina, so when we evacuated we drove to Dunlap and decided to buy a house that was already built so we would have a place to stay until we could return to New Orleans.  We spent every vacation and long weekend we had here until we retired at the beginning of 2010 and moved here permanently and have never looked back.  It's a wonderful community of people besides being breathtakingly beautiful and a joy to experience every day.  I feel blessed every day I spend here.

Elizabeth Schroeder moved from New Orleans, Louisiana

The Sequatchie Valley has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. After two visits to Dunlap, in August of 2004 my wife Susie and I purchased a two acre lot in the Stone Creek subdivision of Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort. We moved to Dunlap, Tennessee from Fresno, California after retiring in 2006. Our log home sits in the midst of a hardwood forest. Wildlife is abundant with songbirds, deer and wild turkeys everywhere. Fishing is possible just a short one minute walk to a lake near our home. We thoroughly enjoy the amenities, security and privacy the Resort provides as well as the access to nature.

Most importantly are the friendly neighbors who share living in the Resort with us. You will never meet nicer and friendlier people. We often cross paths while using one of the many nature trails. Everyone takes the time to say “Hello” or engage in a short visit. We have also established some great friendships with others who live here. Moving here was the best thing we have ever done in our lives.

Michael & Susie Leonardo moved from California