About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

Land in Tennessee, LLC is a privately held residential land development company headquartered in Dunlap, Tennessee, located just 30 miles NW of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have been in the land development business for over 13 years and have successfully created, marketed and completed numerous mountain and valley developments throughout Sequatchie County, the key county surrounding Dunlap, Tennessee.

We have been in business long enough to have experienced the good times in the real estate market and have succeeded in spite of extremely challenging times we find ourselves in today, where the market caused many of our competitors to close their doors.

Our primary focus and reason for our continued success is a mountain development called The Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort, which features 2 to 12 acre tracts, a nature based lifestyle and numerous natural amenities from parks to lakes to creeks that our property owners can access and enjoy. We are still growing, as is The Resort, which just completed the 80th home in the community! We sold our first property in our Greenfields Neighborhood, in August of 1999, and we continue doing business today, in the hope that, we are fortunate enough to offer generations to come, a special way of life found within our Fredonia Mountain Community!

Within The Resort, you can choose from a wide variety of land, such as beautiful mountain creeks, spectacular views, deep woods, big trees, secluded mountain hollows and huge ancient rock formations. We maintain a wide selection of property to meet most any criteria or need.

All of our properties are located high atop the Cumberland Plateau on Fredonia Mountain, just 10 minutes outside the city of Dunlap at an elevation of between 2,100 and 2,200 feet above sea level. What this means to you is that The Resort is 7 to 10 degrees cooler year-round, and that is a great feeling in August, our warmest summer month! The properties have been excellent investments over the years because of their quality, easy accessibility, and most of all, their location…in Tennessee where taxes and the cost of living are more than reasonable!

We encourage you to come visit us to see if what we offer meets your property and lifestyle criteria. If you know you are going to be in the area searching for land in Tennessee, call ahead or come by to see us. We will be happy to take you on a personal tour of our mountain community!

Our office is located at 16062 Rankin Avenue, in downtown Dunlap, 1.5 miles south of the Highway 111 and Highway 127 junction (Location Map).

What We’ve Learned Over Time

What We've Learned

Over the years, we have learned that when people are searching for land, ultimately, they know when they have found the "right" piece of property and the place they want to call home. The "right" property will feel good to them and discovering a place to call home will too!

It is difficult to explain, but there seems to be an innate feeling that you experience when walking and looking at a piece of property. Although the feeling of the land is a sense that many people barely notice at first, it becomes more intense and noticeable the longer the search for land continues. People know when they have found the land of their dreams. It just feels good to them! We hope that you decide to visit us, so we can take the time to walk together in hope of experiencing those feelings as well.

What Makes Us…Us?

We talk to people from all over the country every week and we listen to them. They tell us about their families, they share their dreams of moving one day, of finding a place that is right for them. Most are looking for a place that harkens back to another generation, a slower pace of life, a place where they can find peace and quiet and time to think. And…we respect that notion and understand those feelings.

Our owners are professed nature lovers and they are not like everyone else. We don’t want them to be. They are not about riding through the drive thru every morning and ordering a fancy coffee; they have lived in big cities, are tired of the traffic and crime and want away from the hustle and bustle of that day to day living. But…they want what they like, need what they want and in many cases, over 330 to date, our owners ended their search when they found Land in Tennessee and The Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort, because it addressed their desire to move to a place where neighbors know one another, truly care for one another and live harmoniously among nature!

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Our property owners have “searched throughout North Carolina and Georgia” and other states as well. They have looked long and hard to find the best place to move to in their retirement years or a place to build their second home. They tell us that there is “nothing like” The Resort, that, “nothing in my life had ever felt so right, so quickly.” They tell us that as lovers of the great outdoors, “the trails and layout of The Resort are perfect for hikers, bikers exercisers and utility vehicles” used to explore the many miles of trails and the 11 nature parks and all of the incredible amenities offered throughout The Resort. They tell us they “found exactly what I wanted.”

Our owners are our biggest advocates and best supporters--“The land, the climate, the views and the friends we’ve made all add up to the active retirement we hoped for. We wouldn’t change a thing!”

The owners in our Development, the extensive amenities offered in The Resort, the natural beauty of our mountain community and the sleepy, welcoming town of Dunlap are what make us, us…and that is what makes us different!

Please consider visiting us today to begin to understand why our Fredonia Mountain Nature Resort…A Community Connected by Nature…may be right for you!

If you are interested in property in Tennessee, our property is located 30 miles NW of Chattanooga, TN, near the city of Dunlap, Tennessee.

We are two hours from Nashville and Knoxville, TN and Birmingham, AL, approximately two and a half hours from Atlanta, GA and about one hour and 45 minutes from Huntsville, AL. The Resort is easily accessible by car or air. A number of key roads and interstate highways lead you to Dunlap—Highway 111, Interstate I-24, Interstate 75 and Highway 27 & 127! We are very centrally located to many states and cities and our owners seem to appreciate our accessibility!

If you need directions from wherever you are coming from—north, south, west or east, we will be happy to guide you and suggest your route!

We wish you the best of luck in your search for land in Tennessee and hope to meet you in person in the near future!

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