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In life, a picture may be “worth a thousand words,” but in the land business a photo is worth even more! We literally have thousands of photos that we have taken over the years and every one that is featured on our site was taken in The Resort. From our 13 plus years in the creation and evolution of The Resort, we want to share our photo gallery with you in the hope that you will begin to get a sense of what a wonderful environment and lifestyle The Resort offers.

We have photos from our 4 distinct and moderate seasons--winter, spring, summer and fall—photos of every lot and in some cases in every season too! We have photos of our deer—twins, triplets, does and buck, bluebirds, cardinals, turkey, quail, a bobcat and various butterfly, to name just a few of the abundant wildlife our owners enjoy interacting with throughout our nature based community. We have photos of an astounding number of plants and trees that make up the flora of the Cumberland Plateau and make it such a natural wonder for all to enjoy.

We have photos of Lake George, our largest stocked 14 acre lake, showing our owners fishing or at one of the monthly pot lucks enjoying their neighbor’s lovingly prepared regional recipes, and photos of the many other activities our owners participate in throughout the year. We have photos of Freedom Lake, dedicated on Memorial Day 2012, to our men and women in service. At Freedom Lake you can enjoy a lazy day in the hammock, or a picnic at the pavilion or roast a hot dog over the open fire pit.


There are photos of the two creeks that course throughout our community—Stone Creek and Johnson Mill Creek--and the various parks that adjoin these tributaries where our owners can venture out for a picnic, a quiet walk in the woods or to read their latest novel.

We have photos of almost everything imaginable within our gates and photos of most all of our owners from all walks of life whose love of nature, search for peace and longing for bygone days, brought them to The Resort.

We hope you enjoy our Property Photo Gallery as much as we enjoyed capturing all of these wonderful memories. We also encourage you to visit us here often as there is always a new photo opportunity around every bend in the road, along every trail, within our parks, along our creeks and on our lakes and ponds. Our promise to you is that we, as well as our property owners, are always on the lookout for that next great photo moment, and when we get it, we will be sure to post it here for you to enjoy!